Founded in 2022, Viettron Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Xizhi District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. Viettron excels in the research and development of hardware, software, and cloud system integration of "Four-Electric System" in light electric vehicles. We provide complete solutions to transform fuel-emission vehicles to electric propulsion vehicles as to join E-mobility and advocate for ESG to ensure Green Energy for the next generation.


Viettron specializes in solutions for electrifying fuel-emission vehicles, which includes but is not limited to:Systemizing power electronics, using technology such as powertrains, motors, battery packs, vehicle control units, and OBCs; customizing these components and modules to align with customer requirements; and optimizing vehicle performance by integrating equipment systems. Our services ultimately aim to achieve green energy production for our environment and to connect cloud applications to store vehicle motion data. Constructing an AIOT network to build management systems maximizes data collection and data analyses for further automotive invention.


Viettron's production line where we conduct sample validation and certification in automotive expectations demonstrates our commitment to high product quality. After our inspections, we reach out to our OEM vehicle manufacturer partner, Vnines, based in in Vietnam. This international collaboration encompasses our capabilities of R&D and manufacturing to create a network of suppliers, distributors, and partners to deliver our products and services. We create a constantly evolving relationship so that each one of us is flexible and adaptable in order to maintain our collaboration effectively in accordance with each customer’s requirements.


Vnines Innovation, one of Viettron's important partners, oversees OEM vehicle manufacturing for all international customers. While Viettron is positioned as an R&D center in Taiwan, Vnines supports designs developed during the EVT stage to ensure successful manufacturing during the DVT stage. Modernizing manufacturing management systems and following international automotive production regulations, Vnines, located in Vietnam, possesses geographic advantages for accessible resources, equipment, and transportation within the global market.. By participating in Viettron's business ecosystem and joint resources, Vnines provides direct and fast manufacturing services.